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Description: We offer an original oil painting signed by Adriaan Martin de Groot at the lower left. It is painted on a 16” x 12” board and housed in a gilded frame to: 24 ¾” x 20 ¾”. The impasto highlights add painterly dimension to an otherwise straightforward perspective painting of the courtyard of the Boston Public Library. Item #FA00184.

Adriaan Martin de Groot (1870-1942) was a portrait artist from Holland. De Groot was known for his portraits of presidents and public figures including FDR, Lincoln, Hoover and Coolidge. Theodore Roosevelt sat for him a number of times and one of these portraits was exhibited at the New York Public Library The artist was once warned by Mrs. Taft to not paint President Taft’s white hairs, but did not oblige. He preferred life-like treatments of his subjects. De Groot died at 71 at Christ Hospital in New York City.

Description: Fine untouched condition.