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Description: We offer a promotional poster for the 25th anniversary celebration of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road held at the Naropa Institute and signed by Kerouac’s first wife Edie. The poster is 29” x 23” and features a painting by Kerouac from 1942. It is signed “Frankie Edie Kerouac-Parker” in blue ink under the image at the right. Item #PR00547

The Naropa Institute held the Jack Kerouac Conference in Boulder, Colorado to celebrate the work and life of one of the most defining voices of the 21st century. There were panel discussions, live jazz performances and impromptu poetry workshops with the likes of William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, Robert Frank, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gregory Corso, Michael McClure, Peter Orlovsky, Edie Parker and many other heavyweights of the beatnik intelligentsia.

Condition: Slight feathering of the ink of “Parker”, a little crinkling at edge of upper right blank margin, otherwise very good condition.