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Description: A fantastic relic of the opening exhibition of the Andrew Crispo Gallery (41 East 57th St. NYC) titled “Torso”. This was the start of the meteoric art world career of Crispo, laced with scandal, which ultimately led him to jail. Though Crispo was indicted on income tax evasion, he is most notably connected to the “S&M/Death Mask Murder” of a young man in 1985 (Crispo’s assistant did go to jail for that).

This octavo volume with floral decorated cloth boards has nearly 200 pages packed with signatures of the attendees… many prominent people signed- in and rubbed elbows… from the art world, the gallery world, the media world, the performing arts world, and the collecting world.

Helen Frankenthaler was in attendance , as was Chick Corea, Will Barnett, Lowell Nesbitt, Robert Indiana, Mrs. Robert Haas, the daughter of William and Margueritte Zorach (Tessim), artist Joseph Stapleton, Columbian artist Eduardo Ramirez, the wife of printmaker Frederico Castellon (Hilda), Ethel Magafan, graphic designer Elaine Lustig Cohen, philanthropist Celeste Bartos, sculptress Anne Truitt, artist Max Kahn, plus hundreds of others  (further research needed).

It was the place to be… to see and be seen! A notable moment in the New York City art gallery world.

Volume is 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ and comes with a set of keys identified with a note “last set of keys to the Gallery, gallery closed June 1, 1985”. Item #A01267

Condition: Slight musty smell and some light soil at the edges, otherwise very good.