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Description: An aging Henry Miller (1891-1980) inked this 1972 letter which reads in part: “Dear friend — Thank you so much for the Giono book! I’m mailing you separately the little book on Mishima. What¬†else did I promise to send you — I forget now…. I won’t be able to read your MS. [manuscript] I receive too many. My eyes won’t take it. Sorry. Henry Miller”.

Henry Miller was an American novelist known for breaking with existing literary forms and developing a new type of semi-autobiographical novel. Some of his most famous works include: Tropic of Cancer, Black Spring, Tropic of Capricorn, and the trilogy The Rosy Crucifixion, which are based on his experiences in New York and Paris. ¬†Henry Miller’s essay about Japanese author and film maker Yukio Mishima (1925-1970) was published in 1972.

Written on two sides of a 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ sheet of Henry Miller’s personal stationery and signed in full. Includes original transmittal envelope addressed in his hand. Item #A01607

Condition: Mailing fold lines, otherwise very good condition with a large, bold signature.