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Description: American author Faith Baldwin (1893-1978) penned this friendly autograph letter signed to a fan on October 31, 1972. In the letter, Baldwin mentions her recently published book, One More Time (1972), and that, “Despite cataract operations the end of 1970 [she] was back to work in April 71.  She also states”…my publishers [are] reissuing my period novel (1861-1917) first published in 1935–it has locales in northern New York and old china and missionaries, clipper ships and a medical missionary who eventually was a rural doctor…”

Faith Baldwin had an extensive output of writing during her lengthy career. She wrote 60 novels as well as short stories, poetry, and magazine articles. She most frequently wrote romantic fiction books centering on women juggling careers and family.

Written on two sides of a sheet of Baldwin’s personal “Faith” imprinted stationery that measures: 7 1/4″ x 10 1/4″. Item #A01533

Condition: Mailing fold lines, letter was in one of those ubiquitous “sticky” page photo albums and the glue from the page has migrated to the recto of the letter leaving tidy, stripes. Generally good condition with a large, strong signature.