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Description: A whimsical card published by William Katz in 1969, limited to “1000 examples”. Creeley’s poem is titled “Hero”, which is printed on the “cover” of the single-fold cream cardstock.

Inner left page has Creeley’s poem and the inner right page has a tipped-in color reproduction of a childhood drawing by Robert Indiana. He has inscribed it “For Andy [Andrew Crispo] My Best, bob”.

Robert Indiana (1928-2018) was an American painter and sculptor, who worked with a variety of media. By far his best-known piece is “Love,” with the L and O letters stacked over the V and E, with the O tilted to the right, which has taken many forms over the years – from its origin as a 1964 Christmas card sent by Indiana, to large-scale, three-dimensional sculptures.

Andrew Crispo (b. 1945) was a successful American art dealer, who opened his gallery in New York City in 1973. He is perhaps best known these days for the multiple crimes and scandals he was associated with, however – most notably the “S&M/death mask murder” of a young man in 1985.

Robert Creeley (1926-2005) was a prolific American poet, publishing more than sixty volumes of poetry. He was associated with Black Mountain College and edited the Black Mountain Review. From 1989-1991 he served as N.Y. State Poet.

8 1/2″ x 9 3/4″ folded. Comes with an “Andrew Crispo Gallery, Inc.” imprinted envelope (in which it was found). Item #A01146

Condition: Card is in very good condition. Envelope good only.