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Description: In the contentious 1968 U.S. Presidential race that saw Richard Nixon win over rivals Hubert Humphrey and George Wallace, there were numerous “minor” parties that fielded candidates, including Eldridge Cleaver for the Peace and Freedom Party, Henning Blomen for the Socialist Labor Party, and Dick Gregory for the Freedom and Peace Party.

This 29″ x 22″ poster in blue and white features a candid image of Gregory with the text: “Vote for President Dick Gregory Mark Lane/Vice President”. Item #PR00391

Dick Gregory (1932-2017), an American comedian, was a major political activist in the 1960’s protesting U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War and racial inequalities.

Condition: Two short tears (1 1/2″) at the top and bottom margins repaired with archival tissue/tape, a spot of food[?] on the “y” of “Gregory”, otherwise good condition.