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Description: This 1967 typed letter signed is a somewhat fussy reply to the Hadley Executive Committee, who asked Isaac Asimov to be a speaker as part of a lecture series. The letter reads, in part, "Thank you for your letter… I remember the previous occasion of offer followed by withdrawal perfectly well… I will not risk travelling in the winter months… What can I say except that we live in inflationary times… It will have to be $1000 plus expenses now. I’m sorry to seem so "hard to get," but each year my work load grows heavier and I grow older." Typed on an 11" x 8 1/2" sheet of Asimov’s stationery. Item #A00339

An astoundingly prolific author across many genres, Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) is best known for his hard science fiction works. He was also a respected professor of biochemistry at Boston University.

Condition: A couple of tiny holes in the blank top left margin from the removal of a staple, paper lightly wrinkled, one ink correction of a typo, which seems to be in the same blue ink Asimov signed with, three horizontal fold lines. Generally in excellent condition.