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Description: In this typed letter, dated February 13, 1967, American artist Rockwell Kent wishes his friend Dee Dee a happy Valentine’s Day on behalf of he and his wife, Sally. Kent tells Dee Dee that when they received the roses she had sent, “We were deeply touched by your thoughtfulness” and “And now, in writing you, and remembering that you live over the Lake Placid book store …we must urge you again to come and see us whenever you are at the Forks and have the time”.

Rockwell Kent (1882-1971) was a prolific American artist and author, as well as a socialist political activist. He is best known for his book illustrations, particularly for editions of Moby Dick and the works of Shakespeare, as well as his own memoirs, in addition to his painted landscapes of the wilderness of Greenland, Tierra del Fuego, Alaska, Newfoundland, and Maine. He was very interested in politics and ran, unsuccessfully, for Congress in 1948. His socialist activism and connections to the Soviet Union affected his popularity as an artist and author and led to the revocation of his US passport (ultimately returned to him by the Supreme Court in 1958) and to his being awarded the USSR’s Lenin Peace Prize in 1967.

Kent informally signed “Rockwell” on an 8 ½” x 5 ½” sheet of Ausable Forks New York (the location of Kent’s home and studio, Asgaard Farms) imprinted stationery. Item #A01270

Condition: Mailing fold line, mounting remnants on verso slightly visible on recto, otherwise very good condition.