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Description: American chemist and peace activist Linus Pauling (1901-1994) is the only person to hold two unshared Nobel Prizes, and one of only two people to hold Nobel Prizes in different fields. He was awarded the Prize for chemistry in 1954 for his research on chemical bonds and the structure of complex substances, and the Prize for peace in 1962 for his work campaigning against nuclear testing, the spread of nuclear weapons, and the use of warfare as a means of solving international conflict.

In this typed letter, dated December 8, 1964, Pauling declines to present a lecture for the Hadley Memorial Fund. Though pleased to be invited, he writes, in part: "I have been making an effort to decrease the number of lectures that I give, and have decided accordingly not to accept your invitation. Please express my regrets to your associates in the Hadley Executive Committee." Typed on a 9" x 6" sheet of "Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions" letterhead. Item #A00284

Condition: A few very light creases and a couple of tiny holes in the blank top left margin due to the removal of a staple. Generally very good.