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Description: We offer a joyful, surrealistic landscape painting by Haitian artist Préfète Duffaut.  Painted in oil on a 16″ x 24″ board and housed in a period frame with the outside dimensions: 21 1/8″ x 29 1/8″.  It is signed with flair in the middle of the lower margin: “Préfète Duffaut 1963, Haiti, Jacmel.” Item #FA00341.

Duffaut presents a truly quirky view of Jacmel Port. The crowd of people are spaced in an impossibly even pattern with some  flying kites. The mountains rise above them with brightly colored houses and very precisely painted trees. A fine example of the rich Haitian folk art movement.

Préfète Duffaut (1923-2012) was a prominent Haitian painter. In the early 1950’s he worked on two murals for the Cathedral Sainte Trinite: “the Temptation of Christ” and “the Processional Road.” His work is widely collected and his presence still felt in the  contemporary Haitian Folk Art landscape.

Condition: The painting has a few small water[?] spots in the sky, otherwise in good, original condition. The frame is slightly separated at two corners.