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Description: British-American artist Erica May Brooks (1894-?) scribbled and signed this sweet four-page letter to her friend Olga on Christmas Day in 1961. She thanks Olga for the “beautifully tied up packages” and laments how it’s difficult for her to get around at her age. She writes: “Thank you dear friend for so tenderly understanding it is so humiliating to me to be so ‘held back’ – when I would do so much – & feel able to do so little now”.
Erica May Brooks was born in England and moved to the United States where she studied under artist Charles Woodbury. She was known for her landscapes and sculptures, and exhibited her work at the MoMA, the National Association of Women Artists, the Salons of America, and the Society of Independent Artists.
Written in red ink on 2 sheets of Erica May Brooks’ personal blind-stamped stationery. The stationery measures: 9” x 6”. Includes original transmittal envelope. Item #A00985.
Condition: Fold lines, otherwise very good condition.