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Description: American performer Eddie Cantor (1892-1964) enthusiastically signed this First Day Cover celebrating the meeting of first World’s Congress of Jewish Youth in Jerusalem in 1958.

The envelope is decorated with an illustration at the left of young people of all different cultures marching together with a simplified rendering of the skyline of Jerusalem. The top right corner has two Israeli stamps to commemorate the event, one with a group of people holding hands in a circle, the other bearing the symbol of the “First World’s Congress of Jewish Youth” with those words in Hebrew and French. The circular cancellation stamp is dated July 2, 1958.

Eddie Cantor was known for his “illustrated song” performances, a popular form of early 20th century performance art wherein a live pianist and vocalist accompanied the projection of still images to “illustrate” the lyrics. His eye-rolling song-and-dance routines eventually led to his nickname, “Banjo Eyes”. He was also extremely well-known for his comedy, dancing, acting, and songwriting. Also known as the “Apostle of Pep”, Cantor had a popular radio show in which he revealed humorous family anecdotes, allowing his audience to feel like they were part of his family.

4″ x 6″. Item #A01249

Condition: Slight diagonal crease, otherwise very good condition with a large, bold signature.