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Description: Ralph Johnson Bunche (1904-1971) received the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize for his late 1940’s mediation in Israel.

We offer a fascinating "document" from the period. This real photo postcard of Ben Jehuda Road in Tel-Aviv has two cancellations on the verso, both on the 16th of May, 1948. This was the first day of the Jewish Postal Service.

The declaration of Israeli statehood was closely followed by sundown and the Sabbath – so the first postage was issued on Sunday the 16th. The stamps are #3 and #5 of the Coins Doar Ivri Series. They were marked Doar Ivri, which means Hebrew Post in English, because the stamps were created and printed in secret before the declaration, and an official name for the new state had not yet been chosen. The images are of coins from the epoch of wars, showing struggles toward and times of Jewish sovreignty in the Eretz Israel.

There is also a cancellation of a King David’s Citadel stamp… the last day of the Postal Service under the British mandate.

Ralph Bunche has, presumably intentionally, signed beneath, spanning the gap between the two cancellations.

3 1/2" x 5 1/2". Item #A00755.

Condition: Fine condition.