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Description: In this June 28, 1944 autograph letter signed, Lucioni writes to Frank M. Flack about a poster sketch, “a gesture to be used for publicity” for a Metropolitan Opera fund drive, as “they [the Opera Association] cannot afford to go ahead with painting the poster-”. He tells Flack about a photograph of “[himself] & Miss Pons holding the poster” which he would “be very happy to send under separate cover.” He adds, “You must understand that I am not a poster artist & this is only an attempt- It was only my great love for the opera that finally made me desire to do it-so don’t judge it too harshly-”.

Written on two sides of a 9” x 6” sheet of ivory letterhead bearing the address: “Luigi Lucioni, 64 Washington Square South, New York 12, N. Y.” Transmittal envelope addressed to “Corporal Frank M. Flack, 37424848, First Guard Co. U.S.D.B., Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas” included (plus package label similarly addressed). Item #A01147

Luigi Lucioni (1900-1988) was an American painter known for his still-lifes, portraits, and landscapes of the Vermont countryside. His works are in the collections of several museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Art, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Frank M. Flack (1894-1971) began collecting autographs while he was in the army and later as an English professor. He also served as a German translator at the United States Disciplinary Board (U.S.D.B.) in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Condition: Fold lines, otherwise very good condition.