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Description: We offer a signed oil painting of Abraham Lincoln by American artist Thomas Casilear Cole. Painted on a 24″ x 30″ canvas in a period frame 31 5/8″ x 37 5/8″ and signed at the bottom left. An engraved plate at the bottom of the frame reads “Presented by Seth Ulric Thayler M.D. class ’54”. Inscribed by the artist on verso, “Thomas C. Cole 1941.” Item #FA00108.

Thomas Casilear Cole was a painter and teacher, known for his portraits of American political leaders. He worked as a WPA artist and illustrator and served in the Navy from 1917-1919. Cole’s work was widely exhibited during his lifetime, today his portraits can be found in the collections of the San Francisco Museum of Fine Art; the New York Bar Association; the Brooklyn Public Library and many state historical societies.

Condition: There is a small 1″ indentation above the signature on the left and the frame shows scattered chips in the painted finish, good condition.