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Description: This whimsical view of a lush, densely populated Garden of Eden features Adam & Eve surrounded by pairs of squirrels, elephants, horses, swans, turtles, doves, roosters, etc.

It appears to be a linocut executed by the married couple/artist partnership of Raquel Forner and Alfredo Bigatti. Both have signed in the plate, as well as, in graphite at the bottom blank margin.

Image is in black and white with some faint pink highlighting and measures: 8″ x 5 1/2″ plus ample margins. Item #PR00386

Alfredo Bigatti (1898-1964) was an Argentine sculptor and medalist. One of his major works is the National Flag Memorial in Santa Fe. He and Forner married in 1936.

Raquel Forner (1902-1988), the Argentine Expressionist painter, had a retrospective of her work at the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art in 1988.

Condition: Print is laid onto illustration board and the mat is glued down, several imperfections in blank margins. A scarce linocut which still presents well.