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Description: On May 2, 1934, Barnes graciously writes to editor/publisher Henry Hart after receiving a copy of the American Scholar in which John Dewey’s, Art As Experience (1934) is dedicated “To Albert C. Barnes in gratitude.”

Barnes writes in full: “Dear Henry:- I am deeply touched by both the written and printed dedications and I share also the elation of the physical object as a symbol of intention, purpose and reality. The book just arrived and I have given it only a glance. I intend to organize my chores in such a way that I can dig into the book within the next couple of days and keep at it until I assimilate it to the best of my ability. After that I’ll write you again. With Best wishes, I am, Sincerely yours, A. C. Barnes”

This typed letter signed in pencil is on an 8½” x 5½” sheet of letterhead imprinted:  “4525 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA.” Item #A01692

Albert C. Barnes (1872-1951) was an American inventor of the antiseptic Argyrol and a businessman, as well as, an art collector, an educator and a civil rights activist. His collections are housed in the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia.  John Dewey and Barnes shared ideas and interests and were intimate friends for over 30 years.

Henry Hart was an American writer (Dr. Barnes of Merion, 1963) and publisher who worked as Publicity Director for Scribner’s Sons, Editor-in-chief of Putnam’s Sons, an Associate Editor of Time and Fortune, the founding member and first editor of Films in Review and a founding member of Equinox Cooperative Press. He edited the American Writer’s Congress (1935) and was responsible for the English-translation publications of Thomas Mann’s works.

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