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Description: In 1931, the year of his play The House Beautiful, American playwright Channing Pollock typed and signed this friendly letter to a fan. The letter reads in part: “‘You got me right’ in judging that I like ‘the informal’. I should hate to go through life with a ramrod up my back… Tell your wife that I spent my boyhood in Omaha, Nebraska, and that my play ‘The House Beautiful’ is to be in Boston four weeks beginning November 2nd, at which time she is in danger of having her invitation accepted.”

Channing Pollock (1880-1946) began his career as the drama critic for The Washington Post and went on to produce numerous theatrical productions and films. Of the play referenced in this letter, the famed author Dorothy Parker said: “The House Beautiful is the play lousy.”

Typed on an 8 1/2″ x 8 1/8″ sheet of Channing Pollock’s personal stationery. Item #A01530

Condition: Mailing fold lines, small stain at right of letterhead, letter was in one of those ubiquitous “sticky” page photo albums and the glue from the page has migrated to the recto of the letter leaving tidy, vertical stripes. Generally good condition with a large, bold signature.