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Description: In 1918 the first Pulitzer Prize for a novel was awarded to Ernest Poole for his book His Family.

In this four-page letter addressed to Richard Thornburgh of the Evansville [Indiana] Courier, Poole goes into great detail about writing and, specifically, the genesis and subject of his current project… the novel, Danger. He writes in part: “…I usually get to work between eight and nine in the morning and finish between one and two. The last hour, as a rule, is worth all the rest of the morning – at least it feels that way to me – perhaps because it has taken till then to hypnotize myself into feeling that I am writing something worth while. — My book Danger, published last May, was begun about a year and a half before, and was written first in sketches and notes, and then in a very rough sort of draft, from which I dictated the book — and then I re-wrote my copy three or four times in the next year. The leading figure, Maud Brewer, came into my mind way back in war days. For although its actual story is layed [sic] in this present time, its main struggle is between a man’s sister and his wife for his life and sanity – and the war is always felt in the background. Danger is just about to be published in England, and it will be interesting to get their reaction to it there. — Meanwhile I’m in another book now, which will take me a year or so to complete.”

Written on four sides of two sheets of 7″ x 6″ stationery imprinted: “Ernest Poole Franconia New Hampshire.” Item #A01646

Ernest Cook Poole (1880-1950), American journalist, novelist, and playwright, was sympathetic to progressive reforms and reported on revolutionary Russia post 1905 and 1917. His popular novels were focused on the proletariat class.

Condition: Mailing fold line, otherwise very good. Comes with transmittal envelope (which was hastily torn open on the right edge and has glue stains on verso).