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Description: American Major General Frank Parker (1872-1947) penned and signed this warm letter to a friend named Edgar thanking him for his Christmas wishes and assuring him that he “shall be at the 1st Division annual dinner this time”. He goes on to say: “May the Reunion be numerous—I shall look forward with very keen anticipation to seeing you all again.”
Frank Parker attended the United States Military Academy, graduating in 1894 and serving in the Spanish-American War in 1898 and Puerto Rico from 1899-1900. He was a military attaché in Caracas, Venezuela (1904-1905), Buenos Aires, Argentina (1905-1906), and Cuba (1906-1908). He went to the Cavalry School in Saumur, France, as well as the École Supérieure de Guerre. He was promoted to brigadier general in 1917 upon America’s entry into World War I and commanded the 18th Infantry, 1st Infantry Brigade, and then the 1st Dvision, A.E.F., whose reunion is the subject of this letter. Parker was recommended for promotion to major general by General John J. Pershing. During his 42 years of military service, Parker was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and two Silver Stars.
Written on “The General Service Schools” of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas stationery that measures: 10 ½” x 8”. Parker graduated from, and was an instructor at, the school in the early 1920s. Item #A01020.
Condition: Fold lines, otherwise in very good condition with a large, bold signature.