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Description: Polish-American cellist Hans Kronold (1872-1922) typed and signed this letter to Walter J. Reagles of the General Electric Company on April 29, 1921. In the letter, Kronold expresses his delight in having received Mr. Reagles’ letter: “for it brought to my memory a few of the nicest hours I ever spend in my carreer [sic].” Kronold goes on to suggest two ideas for a concert: one at the “Golf Club”, which would be “only $150” and would include “an excellent soprano and pianist”; the other venue would be at the theatre, in which case Kronold suggests, “we have one more artist perhaps a tenor or baritone and then this concert I would charge $200.”

Hans Kronold is best known for being the first musician to make cello recordings on phonograph cylinders for Gianni Bettini. He came to New York in 1886 and soon joined the Metropolitan Opera and spent five seasons with the New York Symphony Orchestra. He toured the United States and Canada under Walter Damrosch’s direction and later taught at the New York College of Music.

Typed on a piece of Hans Kronold’s personal stationery that measures 11” x 8 ½”. Item #A01149

Condition: Fold lines, otherwise very good condition with a bold signature.