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Description: A wonderful letter written by this American historical fiction writer (" Northwest Passage", "Lydia Bailey", etc.) as he heads to Siberia as a Captain in the Intelligence Section. In part: ". . . Just what I shall do in the line of writing while I am in furrin parts, I’ll be darned if I know . . . Maybe I can turn me out a book, L. Griffin, Esqre., can pry sev’l $1000 out of the movie people . . . My pocketbook is as flat as a manhole cover . . . They say that Siberia is about as exciting as Cohoes, N. Y. at midnight on Tuesday night."

Written on a 10" x 8" sheet of paper. Item #A00409.

Condition: Fold lines and a pinhole loss at junction of folds. There are three rust spots from a paperclip at the upper blank area. Generally, quite presentable.