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Description: George Elmer Littlefield (1862-1930) was a printer, minister, and mystical utopian. He founded the utopian colony known as Fellowship Farm in Westwood, Massachusetts, in 1910, and helped to organize and supervise several satellite sites across the country in the following years. 

This letter from Littlefield, dated August 10, 1911, is addressed to a Dr. Abbott. The letter reads, "I am pleased to send the book you wanted. I especially wrote I’d take the exchange "ad" to the limit of $5.00, hence my reference to that amt. of books in exchange. However, I am pleased to meet your expectations and wants at no exceptional discount to speak of. Trusting you and yours are [illegible] in your works and ideals. I am, yours sincerely, Geo. E. Littlefield"

Written on a sheet of Fellowship Farm/Ariel Press letterhead, with blurbs advertising the ideals and functions of each part of the organization printed down the left-hand side of the paper. The paper measures a standard 11" x 8 1/2". Item #A00539 

Condition: There are three small dampstains along one of the vertical fold lines, and a pin sized hole at one of the intersections of the fold lines. There is a bit of light toning along the folds. Otherwise in very good condition with a clear, bold signature.