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Description: We offer an excellent painting by Otto Strützel painted on canvas board 9” x 14 ¾” and signed and dated at the lower left.

Strützel captured the unadorned landscape and the quotidian life of farmers and laborers during a time of rapidly growing mechanization with painterly, lyrical brushwork and profound sensitivity to place. This painting dated, 14. 8. 05, resembles the banks of the Isar in Germany, a popular setting for the artist. Item #FA00173.

Otto Strützel (1855-1930) was the son of Leopold Strützel, a master tailor, who encouraged his son’s talent as an animal painter. His first known oil painting is dated 1869. After his father’s death in 1870 the young artist was able to earn a small living by selling is artwork. With the support of a bank manager, Otto studied at the Leipzig School of Fine Arts in 1871. His paintings date his travels at this time to Tyrol in 1875, Mon in 1878 and Harz in 1879. Strützel was a member of the Willingshausen Painters’ Colony, founded by the painter Ludwig Emil Grimm; brother to the famed folklorist. A posthumous solo exhibition of his work was shown in 1989 at Staatsgalarie Moderner Kunst in Munich.

Condition: The surface is lightly soiled, the board slightly bowed (sold unframed, framing would certainly correct the warp). Overall the piece is in good untouched condition.