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Description: William H. Taft was appointed the Civilian Governor of the Philippines by President William McKinley. He was the 27th President (1909-1913) and the only President to also hold the office of Chief Justice of the United States (1921-30). His letter is addressed to Sarah B. Tibbits, “a grand dame of Troy” and possibly the daughter of William B. Tibbits. Four generations of the Tibbits family were active in the social, economic, and political affairs of Troy and Rensslear County, NY. 
In this letter of October 21, 1901 from Manila, Governor Taft writes to Sarah B. Tibbits thanking her for writing about “the scenes at Murray Bay,” and for the news about and deaths of people they know (the Tafts regularly vacationed at Murray Bay, Quebec, with friends). About his position as Governor of the Philippines, he says his responsibilities seem “greater than those of a President,” but hopes for that to change in a few weeks so that “[his office] may resume [its] onward course toward peace and civil government.” He writes that his office is facing resistance from the army, “which finds utterance in the newspapers.” He mentions the mourning period for President McKinley, his “longing for a vacation” and thanks her for her thoughtfulness. He signs the letter “Cordially and Sincerely Yours.” Signed in pencil: “Wm H. Taft”
The first page of this three page typed letter signed is on letterhead of the “Office of the Civil Governor of the Philippine Islands;” the two additional sheets are on onionskin paper.  Accompanying envelope has a circular black Manila P.I. cancellation and is addressed to Sarah B. Tibbits. Item #A00765.
Condition: Fold lines, otherwise very good.  Taft has made two pencil corrections.