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Description: A wonderful grouping of three items related to the First Battery, Light Artillery, National Guard, New York.

1. A part-printed vellum document signed by NY Governor Theodore Roosevelt appointing Maximilian Seyfried Second Lieutenant dated November 17, 1899. It is housed in an early hand-painted mat with crossed cannons and “First Battery N. G. N. Y.” Document measures 12 1/2″ x 18 1/2″ in 16″ x 19″ mat. It is toned, has the often-seen slight puckering of the vellum, and has a 1″ loss which touches the signature of the Adjutant General caused, no doubt, by a ravenous mouse. Roosevelt’s signature is large and bold.

2. A large photograph,  11 1/2″ x 20″, of the First Battery assembled in 1904 on its original mount imprinted “Camp of Instruction”( 17″ x 24”). Printed titles on mount are faint, photo has decent contrast and resolution.

3. A part-printed vellum document signed by NY Governor Frank Higgins appointing Seyfried First Lieutenant in 1906. Toning, puckering, generally very good.

Item #A01474