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Description: Renowned Polish pianist, Ignace Jan Paderewski boldly signed this musical quotation for “Minuetto in A maj” with grand flourishes. “London – 9th of April – 1897” is written beneath his signature.
In his youth, Paderewski (1860-1941) became world famous for his skills as a pianist and composer which later helped him achieve his roles in the diplomatic sphere. He was a key player in obtaining the inclusion of Poland as an independent nation in Woodrow Wilson’s post-WWI peace terms, the Fourteen Points, and he served as Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs as well as Prime Minister in 1919.
Paper measures approximately 5” x 8”. Item #A00707.
Condition: Scattered light foxing, uneven top edge where, apparently, the album page was removed. Generally in very good condition with an eye-catching 4 ½” long signature.