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Description: In this cheeky, good-natured autograph letter signed, Ball writes: “My Dear Miss Little, Pray tell your friend, Miss Brewer, with what avidity I endeavor to gratify her very modest desire to possess a second hand note over my name: and assure her that this one, made to order, –like most other modern antiquities, — is “just as good”. With sincere regards Believe me always Very truly Yours Thomas Ball”.

Thomas Ball (1819-1911) was a sculptor, painter, and musician. He had a marked impact on the creation of monumental sculpture in America. Among his prominent works: life-size equestrian bronze of George Washington in Boston Public Gardens, P. T. Barnum bronze in Seaside Park (Bridgeport, CT).

Written on a piece of stationery folded to: 8” x 5”. Item #A01488

Condition: Mounting remnants on verso of second blank page, mailing fold line. Generally very good condition with a large, clear signature.