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Description: In this two-page autograph letter signed Frost writes in part: “I send you… the copy of the Bull Calf sent me last week: I did not write in the fly leaf as you suggested because I couldn’t think of anything to caricature. I wanted to make something appropriate but I couldn’t hit on just the thing. So I put in a little drawing that was made for the book. It is not the original of the one in the book, but one I laid aside and is better than the one in the book: If Mr. Wilson does not like the drawing inserted as it is [??] better than anything I could have done offhand. But be sure to tell him that if he wants one on the fly leaf to tear this one out and keep it and send me the book and I will do another. I’m not writing in my usual beautiful Spencerian hand this evening: I’ve been sawing ice all the afternoon, helping to fill the ice house and my paw is stiff: Farmers have a hard, cold life”.

Arthur Burdett Frost (1851-1928), American artist, illustrator, and cartoonist, was very prolific and is particularly remembered for his “Uncle Remus” illustrations and his realistic hunting/sporting prints.

Letter is written on a 6 1/2″ x 6 1/4″ sheet of stationery imprinted: “Convent, Morris County, New Jersey.” Letter is addressed to Mr. Bok… possibly the editor/author Edward Bok… doing a favor for a friend or client. Item #A01428

Condition: Loss of a line of text at the bottom of page one, archival repair of fold separation, chips to corners. Even with the faults… a readable and entertaining letter from this important artist.