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Description: Varina Davis (1826-1906) neatly penned and signed this brief, friendly note to a Mrs. Chapman on March 5, 1891. The letter reads: “Dear Mrs. Chapman, I am still ill, and have been so for over three months. I do not know whether your autograph has been sent or not, so I have written another at the first practicable moment. Yours respectfully & truly, V. Jefferson Davis. Room 128 New York Hotel March 5th 1891”.

Varina Davis was the second wife and First Lady of the President of the Confederate States, Jefferson Davis, during the American Civil War. Because of her education in Philadelphia and her family spanning both sides of the country, Varina Davis did not support the Confederacy’s position on slavery and states’ rights. After the war, she completed her husband’s memoir and wrote articles and a column for the New York World.

Written on a 5 5/8” x 3 ¾” sheet of stationery edged in mourning black. Item #A01323

Condition: Mailing fold line that is reinforced on verso with small piece of archival tissue/tape, a couple of light marks, mounting remnant on verso. Overall good condition with a clear, bold signature.