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Description: Frances Folsom Cleveland (1864-1947) neatly signed this Executive Mansion card when she was serving as First Lady during her husband’s first term as U. S. President (1886-1889).
The White House was known as the Executive Mansion until 1901 when President Theodore Roosevelt had “White House­–Washington” printed on the official stationery. Frances Folsom married President Cleveland in 1886 at age 21, becoming the youngest First Lady in history. She quickly won the hearts of the American people with her charm and beauty.
Card measures 2 ¾” x 4 ½”. Includes the address panel only of the transmittal envelope which is dated November 27, 1886. Item #A00708.
Condition: Mounting residue along top edge of card and verso, small faint spots at bottom edge, otherwise in good condition.