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Description: In 1884, the Commissioners of Highways of the town of Schaghticoke, New York, requested proposals for "the superstructure of a wrought iron highway bridge across the Hoosac River… upon the site of the present wooden bridge at that place." We have here that original request for proposals, attached to the proposal submitted by The Groton Iron Bridge Company of Groton, Tompkins County, New York.

The Groton Iron Bridge Company’s proposal consists of two handwritten pages regarding the specifications for the substructure, a "Strain and Section Sheet," and a Groton form titled "Specifications for High Truss Bridge" filled in with the particulars for the Schaghticoke bridge. The proposal apparently impressed the Highway Commissioners, who awarded the Groton Iron Bridge Company the contract — worth $9,100 and also attached here — the day after proposals for the project were due.

The substructure specifications are on two sheets of Groton stationery measuring 8.5" x 5.5". The request for proposals was printed double-sided on a sheet of plain 11.75" x 8" paper. The strain and section sheet, specifications for superstructure, and contract are all printed on paper measuring approximately 15" x 8.5". The paper for the strain and section sheet and the contract is a muted lavender/grey. All 6 sheets of paper are attached with two brass fasteners. Item #AM00137.

Condition: The substructure specifications have a some light soil and short separations at the fold lines, but are otherwise in very good condition. The request for proposals and the strain and section sheet have some light soil, a bit of staining, and several separations at the fold lines, some of which have been nicely repaired with archival tape. The specifications for the superstructure are in much the same condition, with a few tiny holes along one of the folds. The soil on the contract is primarily on the verso; the recto is actually quite clean. The separations on this sheet have been repaired with a shiny 3M tape, and there are some tiny holes along two of the folds. Overall, this fascinating package is in very good condition.