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Description: In this fascinating 3-page autograph letter signed, Sargent acknowledges the sale of his painting of Luxembourg to a New York collector, Mr. Sherwood. The letter is addressed to M. G. Petit, a prominent art dealer in Paris.

Written in French, the transcript reads in part: “My painting portraying Luxembourg belongs to Mr. Sherwood and should be sent to him with his other purchases, according to the wish expressed in the presence of Mr. Martignac, if I am not mistaken the name of the gentleman who did us the honors at your gallery. I regret infinitely that there should be any doubt on this subject and what surprises me even more [is] I returned after the departure of Mr. Sherwood to recall these circumstances to the same gentleman having given him the consular certificate which exempts the painting from taxes on entering New York.”

John Singer Sargent (1856-1925), the Italian-born American painter, is primarily remembered as a painter of elegant portraits of Edwardian society elites. He painted “In the Luxembourg Gardens” at the age of 23 (1879) while living nearby in Paris’ Latin Quarter.

Overall 8 1/4″ x 10 1/4″. Item #A01374

Condition: Short separations at top and bottom of page fold reinforced with archival tissue/tape, 2 remnants of mounting tissue on blank page, generally very good condition.