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Description: In this one-page autograph letter signed, Seymour writes in part: "I have no interest in the question of the taxation of the Midland Road. You spoke on the subject when I was in the Assembly Chamber".

The letter was written from Utica in 1875. Seymour served as Mayor of Utica in 1843 and was a New York Assemblyman in 1842 and again from 1844-1846 (besides being NY Governor and a U.S. Presidential Candidate). It seems strange that the same issue is being revisited decades later, but according to "The Memorial History of Utica", in 1875 "The Utica and Binghamton Railroad leased to the Midland Road, and the lease guaranteed by the Delaware and Hudson Company was partially abandoned and its property seized for taxes and indebtedness".

8" x 5". Item #A00758.

Condition: Light toning, especially at the top edge, evidence of being removed from an album on verso and on left blank margin, fold lines, generally good condition and quite presentable.