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Description: Phisterer wrote this letter from his home in New Jersey, November 4, 1871. He begins by thanking Townsend profusely for a letter he recently received from him, and its enclosures – most likely letters of recommendation from Townsend. "I am under great obligation to you for that letter, whether or not it help me, for it gives me so much pleasure & happiness to see how you estimate & think of me; my wife was quite taken with it, & thinks that she could shake hands with you with a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure."

He goes on to congratulate Townsend on the birth of his son (Frederick Townsend, Jr., born October 28, 1871), "may he live & prosper & give you & his mother nothing but joy and pleasure. Mrs. Townsend, I do hope, is as well as can be, and will soon be fully recovered. I can imagine how happy you & your wife are…"

Phisterer’s last paragraphs go back to his initial topic, and detail his plans for finding work that will allow him "a comfortable home." He contemplates starting a small farm in the South, moving back to his birth country of Germany, or what he thinks to be most likely – that "General Porter will move for me, & perhaps get me a place…" He signs off "Please accept my heartfelt thanks, & believe me sincerely yours Fred Phisterer."

Frederick Phisterer (1836-1909) received the Medal of Honor for passing along information "under a heavy fire" at the Battle of Stones River (Murfreesboro), in Tennessee in 1862. The information was credited with saving a battalion of regular troops from "capture or annihilation." Later in life, Phisterer compiled the 6 volume New York in the War of the Rebellion.

General Frederick Townsend (1825-1897) was an Officer of the US Army’s 18th Infantry. He also served three terms as Adjutant General of the State of New York, both before the Civil War, from 1857-1861, and after, from 1880-1882. Phisterer served as Townsend’s Adjutant of the 2nd Battalion in Stones River/Murfreesboro.

Written on three pages of a single sheet of Phisterer’s stationery, with an elaborate blindstamped P at the top of page one. The paper is faintly marked with gridlines to guide one’s writing. Unfolded, the paper measures approximately 8" x 10.5".  Item #A00885.

Condition: Fold lines with a pin hole at the junction of the folds, several small spots primarily in the blank margins. In very good condition overall, and a nice illustration of the friendship between these two men.