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Description: We offer a bronze lion by the French sculptor Louis Vidal. It is 7” high, 12” long and 3 ¼” wide, signed “VIDAL” near the front right foot and stamped “France” in the base at the back. This bronze sculpture was cast after Vidal’s plaster lion that was exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1868 and has a gorgeous black and deep green patina.
Item #DA00188.

Louis Vidal (1831-1892) was a French sculptor born in Nimes. Vidal contracted a disease as a young child that left him progressively blind. Vidal would sign many of his scuptures “Vidal aveugle” or “Vidal the Blind.” His work was exhibited in fine European salons and had the backing of many patrons. In 1888 Vidal became a professor of modeling for the Ecole Braille in Paris.

Condition: The piece has its original mellow patina in fine condition.