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Description: In this part-printed document¬† signed Johnson authorizes the Secretary of State “to affix the Seal of the United States to a warrant (form No 2) for the conditional pardon of N. J. Lillard”.

N. J. Lillard became a part of the 3rd Tennessee Regiment in 1861 and took part in the First Battle of Manassas in July of 1861. The following year Col. Lillard became Commander of his regiment and led it through the Kentucky Campaign with Bragg, was ordered to Vicksburg, Miss. and commanded at Grand Gulf, Baker’s Creek, and the 47 days of the Vicksburg Siege. He went on to fight at Morristown, Bull’s Gap, Greenville, etc. He surrendered his men on the 8th of May, 1865.

11″ x 8 1/2″ bifolium.¬†Item# A01471

Condition: Lightly toned around perimeter, fold lines, generally very good.