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Description: Colonel Routh Goshen, the “Arabian” or “Middlebush Giant”, signed the back of this original portrait CDV in pencil and listed his age (30), weight (560 [lbs]), and height (8’). Goshen (1824-1889) was born Arthur James Caley on the Isle of Man, but adopted the stage name Colonel Routh Goshen and the false history of having been born in Jerusalem, thus the moniker “Arabian Giant”. Goshen gained fame by appearing in P. T. Barnum’s American Museum and Barnum’s Circus as the tallest man in the world. His advertised measurements were 7’ 11” and 620 pounds, when in reality, he was most likely no more than 7’ 5” and 400 pounds.
This CDV displays the large man gazing solemnly at the viewer from a seated position dressed in a  military uniform which features elaborate braided epaulettes, various medals, a plumed helmet and a decorative sword. Backmark of Ellisson, Successor to R. A. Lord, 164 Chatham Street, New York. Roughly 4” x 2 3/8″. Item #A01659
Condition: Light discoloration at margins of ruled mount, otherwise very good.