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Description: These nine autograph letters signed (13 pages of varying sizes) outline the courteous and intellectual relationship between two illustrious 19th-century intellectuals…George Grote, English political radical and classical historian and Dr. John Chapman, editor of the Westminster Review. Grote not only kept abreast of Chapman’s career but also read his work, providing suggestions and critique. Together they give us a glimpse into the mid 19th-century cultural politics, where new ideas regarding alternative medicine and utilitarianism were taking root.

An 1857 note suggests that the two men were intellectually similar: “I send you (David Friedrich) Strauss’s Dogmatik, and shall be well pleased if you conceive the same impression about it as I did.” (Chapman later published George Eliot’s English translation of the book.). Grote also follows Chapman’s medical interventions and writings, “I perused with much interest & instruction your article on chloroform in the Medical Times. If there should appear any comment or refutation of it in the future of that publication, I shall be glad to be made acquainted with it.” Grote questions the wisdom of publishing “the paper” in the Westm. Review that reveals facts that are “most painful and melancholy” (1858);  rejoices when he learns, “at the construction put upon your agreement by the two lawyers. I was never better pleased to find myself in the wrong about the effect of the Statute of Limitations. . .” (1861); asks for “two separate copies of my articles on John Stuaart Mill’s book. . .” (1866); shares Chapman’s work on diabetes with his own doctor, sending his remarks to Chapman (1867). Chapman’s suggestion to use ice bags on the spine during episodes of sea sickness was met well by some practitioners. Grote follows the testimonies “with great satisfaction”: “Such recognition grounded upon actual experience cannot fail to tell more or less with all dispassionate medical men” (1867).

All autograph letters signed on ivory or blue paper of varying sizes, the largest being 8” x 5.” Item #A01765

George Grote ((1794-1871) was an English banker, “philosophical radical,” and a self-schooled historian and author, best known for the History of Greece (1846) which highly influenced the perception of ancient Greece and its culture. His intellectual mentors were the historian and philosopher, James Mill and the philosopher and social reformist, Jerremy Bentham. He took an active interest in the University College, London, serving as its treasurer (1860-68), its vice-president, and then its President (1868). He also served as a Member of Parliament, City of London, on the extreme left of the Whig party.

Dr. John Chapman (1821-1894) was a British physician and the owner and editor of the Westminster Review for 42 years. He encouraged radical ideas and also widely published articles on the subject of homeopathy. His assistant was Mary Ann Evans, or George Eliot, who brought together many writers that he would go on to publish, the illustrious among them being Charles Darwin, Thomas Huxley, R.W. Emerson, Karl Marx, John Stuart Mill, George Eliot, etc.

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