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Description: James Buchanan (1791-1868) was the 15th President of the United States from 1856-1860. Prior to holding the highest office in the country, he had a long career in politics, serving as Representative and Senator from Pennsylvania, Minister to Russia, Ambassador to Britain, and Secretary of State.

Buchanan wrote this attractive Autograph Letter Signed from his home, Wheatland, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in September of 1852. Addressed to Charles H. Sprence, Esq., Buchanan wrote of an intriguing song-and-dance around the sale of Abbeville, a nearby home that had once belonged to Congressman Langdon Cheves from South Carolina. Abbeville and its 73 acres were to be sold at a Sheriff’s Sale so there could be a good title for those who had already purchased it as there was some doubt that "Mr. Gonder’s estate would prove to be solvent." Buchanan speculated that there would be "some trouble about it," as it seemed likely that others at the Sheriff’s Sale would bid higher than the twelve or thirteen thousand dollars that the new owners had already purchased it for, and invited Mr. Sprence to come see for himself. Buchanan signed boldly under the closing "from your friend, very respectfully."

The letter is written on blue "superfine satin" writing paper measuring 10" x 8". Item #A00504.

Condition: There is a small separation at one of the fold lines in the blank top margin and two small remnants from previous mounting on the verso. Otherwise in excellent condition, this letter would display beautifully.