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Description: Sir Edward Sabine (1788-1883) was a prominent and well regarded scientist in a number of fields, including astronomy, geophysics, ornithology, and botany — though his primary area of study and research was the Earth’s magnetic field.

This partial autograph letter signed from 1846 is addressed to Sabine’s colleague, George Washington Keely — a professor at Waterville College (now Colby) in Maine. Keely left the college in 1852 to work on the U.S. Coast Survey.

The last page of the letter, which is unfortunately all that is available here, begins "bringing with him an apparently beautiful series of determinations of the 3 elements – from Southampton Sd. to Moore Fort… the dip decreases & the force increases as I expected it could. His determination at Moore, by instruments taken from hence & brought back, almost exactly tallies with the map…"

The letter’s last paragraph is "Looking forward to the completion of the survey of the American Continent, we have no observor in the field from Maine, this New Brunswick to Halifax; may we but hope that you will supply this important [illegible]?" Sabine closes "Sincerely yours," and signs his full name underneath.

Docketing on the verso/integral address panel notes that the letter is dated October 17, 1846, and that it enclosed "bills of Jones and Barrow" — Thomas Jones and Henry Barrow, both of London, were then leading producers/purveyors of dip circles and other instruments used in Sabine and Keely’s fields of scientific research.

Written on a single page of Sabine’s blue writing paper measuring approximately 8 3/4" x 7", which was folded to create an integral address panel on the verso. Item #A00528

Condition: There is some light soil on the address panel, and pin-sized holes at four of the intersections of the fold lines. There is a short tear and minimal paper loss at the red wax seal. In very good condition overall, with the area around the signature particularly clean and bold.