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Description: In this full page autograph letter signed (stampless cover), Gibson writes to a Miss E. L. Benthon from Rome in 1845. He states that he is just modelling the figure of the Queen. This important work of his, “Queen Victoria Supported by Justice and Clemency”, was not completed in marble until a decade later.

He also comments about death and its representation in art… “is it after all preferable to adopt a mournful figure — to perpetuate our grief — the weakness of our nature — if we would be a good[?] humanity we would not grieve when God’s will has been to take the beloved one to himself — I send Hope. I have done this Hope before & it is much liked & has often been done in cameos.”

John Gibson (1790-1866) was a Neoclassical sculptor who studied in Rome with Canova. He is particularly noted for his statue of Queen Victoria in the Parliament and his statue of Sir Robert Peel in Westminster Abbey. He was elected a Royal Academician in 1836.

Written on a 10″ x 8″ piece of writing paper, folded with an integral address panel with circular cancels for Roma, Ryde, etc.¬†Item #A01310

Condition: Mailing folds, small edge loss affixed to wax seal, wrinkling and several short edge tears repaired with archival tissue/tape. Generally good condition and quite readable.