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Description: This characteristically brief note, dated 24 June 1843, from the renowned physicist Michael Faraday is addressed to civil engineer Charles Manby, who consulted him on many scientific matters. Faraday writes in full:

“Dear Manby I bring some notes according to my promise but see by the list of papers for Tuesday that you cannot want them this season so do as you like about them. Ever Yours/ M Faraday”

Michael Faraday (1791-1867) was a physicist and analytic chemist. His discoveries and research in the field of electricity and magnetism–electromagnetic field, diamagnetism, laws of electrolysis–led to many major scientific discoveries. He was the Fullerian Professor of Chemistry at the Royal Institution. He popularized the use of words such as anode, cathode, electrode and ion. Wanting to be known only as Mr. Faraday, he refused knighthood. The term “farad” as a unit of electrical capacitance was coined in the honor of Faraday.

Charles Manby (1804-84), a civil engineer, was the Secretary of the Institution of Civil Engineers from 1839-56. He helped Samuel Colt’s company to create a factory to manufacture firearms. In 1856, he became the representative for the locomotive manufacturer, Robert Stephenson and Company, that created the first railway engines.

Letter is written on a 4 ½” x 7” sheet of ivory stationery. Included are two modern photographs stamped on verso: “Crown Copyright Reserved”: “Original Faraday Coils” and “Faraday Chemical Cabinet”. Item #A01756

Condition: Remnants of mounting at the blank upper edge, mailing fold lines, generally good condition.