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Description: Louisiana Congressman Edward Livingston (1764-1836) signed this manuscript letter addressed to United States Senator Josiah Johnston (1784-1833) requesting that Johnston send him the Congressional Library’s copy of Bentham’s Rationale of Judicial Proof. He writes, “The purpose for which I want it being a public one, and the certainty offered of replacing it even if any accident should happen to this copy by that which I have ordered I suppose will justify the departure from the rules of the Library – yet if it will be attended with any inconvenience to you or others think no more of it.

Livingston represented Louisiana in the House of Representative from 1823 to 1829, during which time he was influential in drafting the Louisiana Civil Code of 1825. In his earlier political career, Livingston represented New York in the House (1795-1801) and was Mayor of New York City (1801-1803). He later became a U.S. Senator from Louisiana (1829-1831) and rose to Secretary of State (1831-1833) and then U.S. Minister to France (1833-1835) under President Andrew Jackson.

Josiah S. Johnston (1784-1833) served as a Senator from Louisiana (1824-1833) after serving as a Representative from that State (1821-1823).

Two-page stampless cover written in another’s hand, but signed by Livingston. 10″ x 8”. Item #A01222

Condition: Paper loss from wax seal being opened hastily (not affecting text), a few small tears at edges, generally good condition with a neat, bold signature.