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Description: Achille Charles Léonce Victor, the third Duke of Broglie (1785-1870), wrote and signed this letter to Baron Monnier, the general director of the police, thanking him for employing his protégé and recommending another one.
Victor de Broglie was a French peer, statesman, and diplomat. He served as president of the Council during the July Monarchy from (Aug. 1830 – Nov. 1830 and March 1835 – Feb. 1836), and believed that a constitutional monarchy was the political system best suited to France. De Broglie was also an advocate for the abolition of slavery. He married the daughter of Madame de Staël, Albertine de Staël-Holstein, and their daughter Louise was the subject of the famous 1845 portrait by Ingres Portrait of Comtesse d’Haussonville which has been displayed in the Frick Collection since the 1930s.
About a year after this letter was written, Victor de Broglie again wrote to Monnier claiming that two members of his household staff confessed that they had been paid by Monnier’s administration to spy on him, read his letters, copy his papers and those of his wife.
Written in French on two sides of a folded piece of paper measuring 7 ¾” x 12 1/8”. Included is one of the Duc de Broglie’s cards with a note of thanks in ink. Item #A00766.
Condition: Tiny hole in paper above “Monsieur” (affects one letter on opposite side), small tear at top edge, light stain on first page, generally in good condition. The card has mounting remnants on verso.