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Description: On 26 Feb, 1817, Senator Rufus King wrote to George Tibbits from the Senate Chamber the following note: “Sir, I sometime past had the honor to receive from you a letter respecting the great Canal—a Bill that appropriates the Bonus and Profits of the Bank of US has passed the House of R. but am apprehensive may fail in the senate—I send you herewith an able speech of Mr. [John Caldwell] Calhoun on this subject, and with great respect have the honor to be/Sir/[Your Obedient Servant]/Rufus King”.
Rufus King (Mar 24, 1755-Apr 29, 1827) was a lawyer, diplomat, and a delegate from Massachusetts to the Continental Congress. He moved to New York at the request of Alexander Hamilton and served as US Senator from 1813-17. He ran as a federalist nominee for President in 1816 losing to James Monroe. He was also on the board of directors of the Hamilton-sponsored First National Bank which succeeded the Bank of North America. Although opposed to slavery and slave trade, his positions were intermittently aligned with reigning political, economic and humanitarian thought of the day. 
George Tibbits (Jan 14, 1763-July 19, 1849) was a prominent Troy, New York  citizen who served as a member of the New York State Assembly (1815-1818) and the Mayor of Troy (1830-1836). He gained prominence fighting for Troy’s economic interest. 
The brief autograph letter signed is on a folded sheet of paper approximately 10” x 16” with a free franked integral address panel. Item #A00773.
Condition: Has fold lines and a small paper loss where seal was broken on the side bearing the address (not affecting any text). Written with dark brown ink and has two strong signatures.