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Description: British painter James Northcote (1746-1831) penned and signed this letter on February 9, 1814 to Lord Kinnaird (Charles Kinnaird, 8th Lord Kinnaird (1780-1826)) in which he thanks him for the payment for “the full length portraits of yourself and Lady Kinnaird”. On the verso of the letter, Northcote reveals his thoughts on portrait painting and drew a small pencil sketch of a seated man. Northcote posits that painters bring individual qualities to each portrait, including “his own individual nature”, which is why two portraits of the same person by different artists will be “unlike each other although each of them may resemble the external form of the individual it is intended to represent.”

James Northcote was a pupil of Sir Joshua Reynolds and was elected to the Royal Academy in 1787. He produced around 2,000 paintings during his life. 9″ x 7″. Item #A01180

Condition: A few chips and short tears at edges reinforced with archival tissue/tape, otherwise very good condition with a large, bold signature (this is possibly a retained copy, though definitely in Northcote’s hand, that he kept in a notebook).