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Description: This manuscript document is a snapshot of municipal accounting practices at the close of the 18th Century. There are calculations at the top of the page, adding together the "Amount Brought Forward" and the "Balance due the Overseer of the Poor the 6 May 1798." The narrative below the calculations reads: "We the Mayor, the Alderman, & Commonality of the City of Albany in common Council convened having this twenty-first day of May in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight examined and audited the accounts of Isaac Truax, late Overseer of the poor of the second ward of the City of Albany do find that there is a Ballance of thirty two pounds eleven shillings and eleven pence due to the said Isaac Truax on the sixth Day of May instant." Underneath the closure "By order of the common Council,"  the mayor signed "Abm Ten Broeck Mayor" with a flourish.

Abraham Ten Broeck (1734-1810) was a businessman, politician, and militia leader. He was an officer during the Revolutionary War and a member of the New York Provincial Congress (1775 and 1777). He served as Mayor of the city of Albany, New York, from 1779-1783 and again from 1796-1798. His home, the Ten Broeck Mansion, is today a historic site and museum.

The document was written on the recto of a single sheet of paper from an account book or ledger measuring approximately 13.5" x 8.25". The page is lightly ruled at both sides, to aid with accounting. Item #A00268

Condition: The page was removed from a ledger or account book; while the lower two-thirds of the page was removed very neatly, the upper third was torn less neatly and has a bit of paper loss from the margin. The heading is the only piece that has lost any letters, however. With regard to the main text, it appears as though the ink saying "Overseer of the" about halfway through got a bit wet and bled at some point, but the phrase is still legible. Aside from some light toning and a bit of soil, this document is otherwise in very good condition.