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Description: In this manuscript document signed on vellum, Mayor Cuyler admits Leonard Gansvoort, Jr. as a Freeman and citizen of the City of Albany, i.e. a landowner with all the rights that implies (voting, legislating, etc.). It is dated August 6th, 1775. By the following year, Cuyler was arrested and exiled to Connecticut and imprisoned because of his loyalist sentiments. He had served as the last mayor of colonial Albany and lost everything as a result of the American Revolution. Ultimately, he moved to Canada and founded the town of Yorkfield where he died in 1810.

The 6 1/2″ x 11″ document retains its original wax 1752 seal of Albany. Item #A01341

Condition: Fold lines, several vellum imperfections at the right side, ink slightly light, but still quite readable, signature is strong.